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Tue May 3 15:05:30 PDT 2016

files in /opt/local/share/java/jython/cachedir/packages, but the new
version comes with a pre-populated cachedir and now causes these
problems if the cache has been generated by other means meanwhile.

I don't know anything about jython, but if somebody more familiar with
jython can confirm that this sounds about right, I think I know a way to
work around this: Add a pre-activate {} block that deletes these files
(since jython should be the only port putting files in this directory if
I understand things correctly).

> Yeah I know what it says, but I=E2=80=99m afraid to force the activatio=
> because I don=E2=80=99t know what else will be affected.

Since these are just cache entries, it should be safe to force


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