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Thu Nov 3 11:35:43 CET 2016


----- On 3 Nov, 2016, at 10:57, René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at wrote:

> last time I checked, github's issue tracker wasn't available for the ports repo.
> I presume that's on purpose, but why? Even if "we already have a bug tracker",
> why would it make life harder and not easier at least for some things?

Because people are supposed to use Trac. We do not want multiple bug trackers.

> I must admit that while I like git's simpler features I have a very hard time
> getting my head around the more advanced stuff and associated not-always-that-
> intuitive-to-me terminology (or getting its details into my head). Working with
> branches, rebasing, etc., I'd like to think it becomes second nature when you do
> it everyday, but that won't be the case for many if not most MacPorts users
> (including me).

It's something we all have to deal with. Presumably, we will all learn over time.

> [lament]
> Personally I have to look many things up every time, provided I even remember or
> know of their existence (or I simply forget steps and then find myself with a
> commit I don't know how or cannot back out of).
> [/lament]

Feel free to ask on the -dev list, that's what it's for.

Clemens Lang

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