Poll: should Trac send email notifications when adding or replacing an attachment?

Dominik Reichardt domiman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:50:56 CET 2016

> I'm going to be dropping this. There's clearly even less of a community spirit 
> here than I thought, so I'll just find alternative ways to make to with the tools 
> at hand when I cannot get around using them.

For what it’s worth, as an admin of other projects and reporter of bugs *I* do appreciate notifications of all those changes. When I report or CC: me to a bug I want to know what happens to the report and attached files.

I don’t quite see why you needed to add a snide remark about the MacPorts community spirit. What is your problem? Not enough people caring about this presumed problem or that the few people who responded don’t see it as a problem?
I don’t know where that entitlement attitude comes from and how one can get so worked up over this.


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