Poll: should Trac send email notifications when adding or replacing an attachment?

Ralph Seichter macports-ml at seichter.de
Fri Nov 4 12:26:46 CET 2016

On 04.11.2016 09:43, René J. V. Bertin wrote:

> Filtering these notifications means filtering on email content, and
> with the number of MUA's I'm using that'd have to be done on the server.

Which is why I suggested Sieve as the first option. Works fine for me. I
use Sieve "fileinto" to sort incoming mail into folders to avoid clutter,
and for some messages I use "addflag" to mark them as seen on arrival.
This way, I have them available for reference, but they don't grab more
attention than necessary.

> There's clearly even less of a community spirit here than I thought,
> so I'll just find alternative ways to make to with the tools at hand
> when I cannot get around using them.

And by "community spirit" you mean people agreeing with you on your
personal preferences? That's not it.


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