Macports needs a little marketing ....

Al Varnell alvarnell at
Sun Nov 6 10:04:56 CET 2016

On Sun, Nov 06, 2016 at 01:38 AM, Guido Soranzio wrote:
> On 2016-11-06 Rainer Müller wrote: 
>>> Yeah — what is needed, perhaps,  is an “App Store” for macports… 
>> Like Pallet, the GUI for MacPorts? Unfortunately it is not in a usable 
>> state at the moment.
> JPortsUI lets you choose the number of days the ports have been updated within
> (“What’s new?” button).
> The latest binary available dates back to 2013.03 but it is still working and
> is much more zippy and stable than Pallet: <>.
> The sources are already mirrored on GitHub:
> Guido

It would be even better if it was updated to run using a currently supported version of Oracle Java rather than requiring legacy (deprecated and less secure) Apple supplied Java SE 6.  Surely there must be a Java programmer among all the talent here in the MacPorts community that could easily take that on as a project.


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