Macports needs a little marketing ....

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at
Sun Nov 6 18:28:41 CET 2016

On Nov 6, 2016, at 11:50 AM, Ken Cunningham <ken.cunningham.webuse at> wrote:

>> While MacPorts itself could certainly benefit from better PR, I do not
>> see why we should do free advertising for upstream developers.
> but you see - macports exists to allow people to more easily install the products of these upstream developers.
> otherwise macports has no use.

Taking on a labor-intensive editorial role does not make MacPorts better at installing open-source software.

> If you want people to buy gas, you sell them cars. (Or electricity -> electric cars, if you're feeling green this season).

A tortuous analogy. I don't see Exxon-Mobil or BP selling cars anywhere.

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