Use what arpack & atlas variants for use with octave?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at
Sun Nov 6 19:19:16 CET 2016

I’m reinstalling arpack, atlas, and octave during completion of MacPorts migration to macOS Sierra.

On El Capitan, my installed ports included:

   arpack @3.3.0_3+atlas+gfortran
   atlas @3.10.2_2 
  octave @4.0.3_1+app+atlas+docs+fltk+gfortran+graphicsmagick+qt4gui+sound-accelerate-java 

I began now with:

   sudo port install arpack -accelerate+atlas

(1) Should I have added +gfortran there, since for octave I’m going to be including variant +gfortran ?

(2) Is there any particular reason to use a +gccxx variant with atlas?

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