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Sun Apr 2 18:08:38 UTC 2017

On Apr 2, 2017, at 13:03, Curtis Matz <curtis at> wrote:
> I’ve installed wine-devel and am getting an error running winecfg.  I’m on MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 on a mid 2010 mbp 15”.
> err:module:DelayLoadFailureHook failed to delay load shell32.dll.SHGetFolderPathW
> wine: Call from 0x7b427271 to unimplemented function shell32.dll.SHGetFolderPathW, aborting
> wine: Unimplemented function shell32.dll.SHGetFolderPathW called at address 0x7b427271 (thread 000b), starting debugger...
> err:seh:start_debugger Couldn't start debugger ("winedbg --auto 10 36") (2)
> Read the Wine Developers Guide on how to set up winedbg or another debugger
> fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls" (
> err:module:attach_process_dlls "gdi32.dll" failed to initialize, aborting
> err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L”C:\\windows\\system32\\winecfg.exe” failed, status c0000005
> I’ve uninstalled the port and reinstalled and still the issue persists.
> I’ve moved my .wine folder out of the way (mv ./.wine ./.wine.sav) but that didn’t help either.
> $ port installed | grep -i wine
>  wine-devel @2.5_0 (active)
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

Some say rebuilding fontconfig from source fixes it:

sudo port -ns upgrade --force fontconfig 

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