JPortsUI has been updated

db iamsudo at
Tue Apr 11 07:20:55 UTC 2017

It works, thanks!

I'll probably use it only for navigating the tree, so here's my feedback so far.

More -> About JPortsUI… seems to trigger connections to the update sites for requested ports. This also happens when clicking on a row in the main pane for a port to show below it. Is that necessary?

I'd make the buttons on the left (from 'All' to 'What's new?') the same size as those in the top row like 'Sync', also same font size, although I would keep the different colors and bold style. That would make place to move the bottom right section with radio buttons to the left — giving a more pleasant UI, with settings on the left and navigation on the right.

Full screen size would be a nice addition, too, as well as adjusting the columns in the main pane.

Lastly, what does 'Reset Logo Cache' anyway? The tooltip is not clear to me. I supposed JPortsUI wouldn't write any files of itself.

On 11 Apr 2017, at 07:39, Stephen Baber <sbaber66 at> wrote:

> JPortsUI has been updated due to an error when loading a file://
> hosted port index (ex. GitHib) and an error when uninstalling ports
> has been corrected. This version, 2017-04-10, can be downloaded from
> Feel free to submit a ticket or feature request with SourceForge's
> "Tickets" navigation button or directly gmail me.  Special thanks for
> help from Manfred Antar and db-iamsudo!

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