building from source with libc++

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Thu Apr 20 19:25:28 UTC 2017

>> Specifically, try to build it with a stock clang compiler and see if that builds your port. If that does fix the build, please don't report it as a ticket
> That's not true. If an old compiler is not able to build a port, that
> compiler should be blacklisted, so that the port will automatically
> build properly for everyone else.

Thanks, Mojca - not quite what I said, though.

I suggested to db that if a build should fail with a clang modified by my patch, to first try the build again with an unmodified (“stock”) clang.  

If the build then succeeds with an unmodified clang, then it would not be something to report as a ticket.

My apologies if that was not clearly written.



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