ghostscript @9.21_0+x11 not linking properly

Bill Christensen billc_lists at
Mon Apr 24 14:54:43 UTC 2017

Same here.

Did ImageMagick @6.9.8-3_0+x11 work for you after downgrading 
ghostscript?  I downgraded both just to be sure, but will reactivate 
ImageMagick @6.9.8-3_0+x11 if it's working.

On 4/24/17 3:19 AM, Richard L. Hamilton wrote:
> ghostscript at 9.21_0+x11 isn't finding a shared object libgs.9.21.dylib (which is there in /opt/local/lib, so presumably a -L option isn't being passed?).  This causes clips upgrade to fail (because it wants to use ps2pdf on a couple of its documentation files).  It also seems to cause a problem with ImageMagick, as reported by the check of binaries for linking errors.
> Perversely, the ghostscript upgrade seems to succeed, meaning I had to delete it and rerun it with port -k upgrade ghostscript, to get a log file (attached).  Falling back to 9.19_0+x11 make everything else happy again.
> This was on El Capitan, but seems also to be happening on Sierra.

Bill Christensen

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