Is There a Port for a compiler compatible with OpenMP and Imagemagick

Fred Weinhaus fmw at
Tue Apr 25 23:38:15 UTC 2017

I am trying to install Imagemagick from source using all my delegates
installed from MacPorts. I have been doing this for years on OSX
SnowLeopard. But I recently bought a new Mac with OSX 10.12.4 Sierra and
the compiler will compile Imagemagick fine, except there is not support
for OpenMP. I have tried using gcc and gcc5 and gcc6 from MacPorts, but
that does not seem to help. I have found a document at gcc-6-macos/ <> which
implies that gcc6 should work with the addition of a few other delegates. I did
install the ports for all those delegates suggested, but it still does not work.
The following is my configure command:

./configure CC=/opt/local/lib/gcc6/gcc CXX=/opt/local/lib/gcc6/g++ \
CPPFLAGS='-I/opt/local/include' LDFLAGS='-L/opt/local/lib' \
--enable-openmp \
--enable-delegate-build --enable-shared --disable-static --disable-opencl \
--with-modules --with-quantum-depth=16 --without-wmf --with-rsvg \
--disable-silent-rules --disable-dependency-tracking --without-pango \
--with-lqr --with-gslib --with-gs-font-

Can anyone recommend a compiler port that is compatible with Imagemagick and

Seems to me that the MacPorts ImageMagick port maintainer must be using something 
to properly compile Imagemagick with OpenMP for your Imagemagick port.

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