running macports along with homebrew

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Thu Aug 31 19:34:56 UTC 2017

> On Aug 31, 2017, at 9:46 AM, db <iamsudo at> wrote:
> On 31 Aug 2017, at 15:35, Craig Treleaven <ctreleaven at> wrote:
>> What is it that you want that MacPorts does not provide?
> As I said in my OP, missing ports and updated versions, cask...

Gentle reminders, regularily applied, tend to cure the ‘missing ports and updated versions’ issue.

Homebrew Casks appear to confuse many people, me included:

AIUI, casks are supposed to help in two ways:  binary (only) packages and pre-compiled binaries.

MacPorts solved the second part several years ago.  As an aside, I think a lot of people using Homebrew never got this message.

For Homebrew, the binary-only Cask packages seem to be aimed at things like Google Chrome and similar.  I understand the attraction to having a command line way to check for and update my major packaged applications.  But, AFAICT, it is never going to work for purchased applications (Carbon Copy Cloner, Parallels Desktop, etc).  Given that I’m going to have to keep an eye out for such updates, it is not solving the whole problem.  And creates an opportunity for malicious software to be substituted, even temporarily.

Maybe I’m missing something important.


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