Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Tue Dec 19 23:05:14 UTC 2017

Hi Michael,

Michael wrote:
> Has anyone ever updated flexisheet for modern (non PPC) systems?

are you referring to the Quantrix-like spreadsheet application from 
Stefan Leuker?
What sources are you using?

Many many years ago, we of the GNUstep Application Project, asked to 
make the sources public, we got the latest tarball which an "alpha", so 
it was some sort change between releases.
I "fixed" the sources so they compile fine on Tiger and PPC "again" 
(since transitioning to 10.5 was in progress)

Also, since the goal was to port the Application to GNUstep, the code 
was cleaned of PPC-isms and other unportable hacks: currently it 
compiles with GNUstep on Intel.

I just tried today and those sourcs indeed compile on intel-32bit under 
Leopard! The specific xcode project is in! so the cleanup helps mac too.
The bad news is that it is still a jam project, upgrading it broke the 
build for me in a very strange way and I am not an XCode expert. For 
some reason the Application doesn't link correctly against the FSCore 
framwork. Any experts that can help me?

Furthermore: I don't know which version of application you refer to, but 
the release we have works but has both bugs and unimplemented features.
My work limited itself to making the code more portable, I was not able 
to do any significant develpment in months, if your or anyone is 


and you can get the code here:


PS: as a side note, many applications of GAP are also ported to Mac and 
in most cases they support PPC and Intel well and are compatible with 
10.4 and even 10.3, just because I do it and I like it !

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