TenFourFox on Intel

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Wed Dec 27 22:44:07 UTC 2017

Hi Ken,

On 2017-12-12 18:59:47 +0100 Ken Cunningham <ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Finally, see this:
>> https://sourceforge.net/p/leopard-webkit/wiki/Home/
> Just like to make a point of this project. I didn’t think this could 
> actually be done, but in fact, here it is.

It look very cool indeed. I tried out some of the supplied binaries. The latest version doesn't run on 10.5 Intel for me, the previous version does, but is PPC only. There is an old Intel version too, but it provides almost no benefits compared to the system WebKit
> An updated webkit, updated security settings, updated system root 
> certificates, all wrapped into Safari for Leopard PPC. And it works very 
> well.

I wonder which Safari gets used, if essentially the system one where the webkit gets swizzled or some sort of backward compatible build.

Regarding TenFourFox, I did a lot of work, but I am still in the middle of getting the minimal set of stuff build at all.
I am entangled ind build issues, I need some help.
I need the time to keep you all updated and hope that someone can help me out.

Many patches are already accepted by "upstream" so the hope of having a single source tree still exists (something I bet will benefit distribution and port files)


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