Will using only dolphin be too much overhead?

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 14:52:14 UTC 2017

As already mentioned, dolphin is part of kde4-baseapps in macports. It 
does have a rather large set of dependencies -- whether that is "too 
much overhead" is matter of opinion. Like you, I haven't found a file 
manager I like better, so I use it. I also use a few other KDE apps, 
like kompare, gwenview, and okular (separate ports). Macports uses QT4 
built against Mac's graphics backend, so X11 isn't needed.


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> down votefavorite
> <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41994127/will-running-dolphin-file-manager-on-osx-cause-a-lot-of-overhead#>
> I am struggling with Finder after switching to Mac from linux. Dolphin was
> just a much more powerful file manager.
> Features I miss: - easily editable URL to navigate (although fixed that
> with Finder Path). - embedded terminal window (very important to me) - tree
> view - ability to navigate easily without using the mouse - stay on top
> feature by KDE window manager
> I've tried Double Commander, but I still don't find it very intuitive, e.g.
> see no way to just type/edit the url to where I want to go.
> So I did read
> <https://lists.macports.org/pipermail/macports-users/2010-May/020074.html> that
> I could run Dolphin via Macports:
> dolphin is a rather nice file browser. the impression that i get from here
> http://dolphin.kde.org/is that one is to install kdebase4. done. so where
> is dolphin?
> According to "port contents kdebase4 | grep -i dolphin", there is a
> dolphin.app in /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4.
> My question though: If I have to install kdebase4, doesn't that mean a huge
> amount of overhead just for a file manager? Will it actually run X? Does
> the installation command above install the whole thing?
> -- Dorien Herremans, PhD Marie-Curie Fellow http://dorienherremans.com
> Queen Mary University of London School of Electronic Engineering and
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