something wrong with wine?

petr.2006 petr.2006 at
Fri Feb 10 09:32:49 UTC 2017

pvmb:~ pet$ wine explorer.exe 
err:module:DelayLoadFailureHook failed to delay load shell32.dll.SHGetFolderPathW
wine: Call from 0x7b427221 to unimplemented function shell32.dll.SHGetFolderPathW, aborting
wine: Unimplemented function shell32.dll.SHGetFolderPathW called at address 0x7b427221 (thread 000b), starting debugger...
err:seh:start_debugger Couldn't start debugger ("winedbg --auto 10 36") (2)
Read the Wine Developers Guide on how to set up winedbg or another debugger
err:module:attach_process_dlls "gdi32.dll" failed to initialize, aborting
err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"C:\\windows\\system32\\explorer.exe" failed, status c0000005
pvmb:~ pet$ wine --version
pvmb:~ pet$ port version
Version: 2.4.0

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