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Justin C. Walker justin at
Mon Feb 27 01:57:50 UTC 2017

Hi, all,

Being an infrequent user, I am a bit out of my depth here.  I would like to install Surf, but I am getting "mixed messages" from 'port'.  I have a version installed (from ~2014), but it doesn't work because libgtk-1.2 is not installed.  It used to work, but I gather from browsing Trac that it had been removed (as I said, "infrequent").

Using "port info" command, I found that "surf" was not found.

Checking on the MacPorts website, I found "k3dsurf", but no "surf".  "port info" gave me information about the former.

I then did a "selfupdate" and "upgrade outdated", and was told to change my "rsync:" line in sources.conf to
I did that.

Now, "port info" denies any knowledge of the port.

Help!  Pointers or clues welcome.



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