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Gregory Allen gallen at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Jan 10 16:13:10 UTC 2017

I’ve noticed a number of issues with the distfiles repo/mirrors over the past few months. After the ports migration to git, a number of packages don’t make it into the distfiles mirrors. That causes issues for us behind a firewall, where we depend on distfiles. I’ve had to manually find and download the distfiles for some packages to install or update.

For example: mercurial is at 4.0.2 in the ports repo, but the distfiles mirror stopped at 4.0.tar.gz. This particular package is far from the only one. Right now, this is my list of ports that I can’t update: mercurial p5.24-io-socket-ssl p5.24-net-http p5.24-net-ssleay py27-pyqt4

Are these issues with individual packages? Is distfiles deprecated (I hope not)? Is this an issue with the build bots? What can I do to help?


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