Is it time for a libc_fixes library yet?

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Tue Jul 4 20:47:27 UTC 2017

>> Perfect would be if I just wrote it into the clang code directly.
>> I am almost to the point where I could do that, actually. I know where it would go, I think.
> I don't get it. Do you mean to mess with the compiler so that
> it implements itself the C functions that the system does not provide?

Yep :> That is just exactly what I mean.... clang does stuff like this already to help you out. Adding in various libraries, rearranging header paths, sticking in compiler and linker flags, all to suit to build system and make things work.

funny thing is - in a perfect world - if it was done that way, you'd never even know it happened. Your code would just compile without errors. 

But, to be honest, if that was going to happen it probably would have been done by now.

> autotools and cmake should have nothing to do with this.
> 	Jan

What i meant was that if it was perceived to be a trivial project for developers to add in a few tests for strnlen, etc, they probably wouldn't be as reluctant as they seem to be to doing it. I think the system is intimidating for most -- it sure is for me.


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