Is Macports down?

Dave Horsfall dave at
Tue Mar 7 16:44:52 UTC 2017

On Tue, 7 Mar 2017, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

> DNS uses udp (and some tcp). I'd be really surprised if it blocked /all/ 
> udp packets (and if so, I would get my provider to replace it or let me 
> replace it with something that didn't suck).

To clarify: DNS works OK, but nothing else on UDP does.  I added a rule 
that's supposed to allow all outbound UDP, but nope.  And yes, a router of 
a different brand is on its way...  This Sagemcom 5355 seems to be 
designed for the gamer brigade.

> > So, my question is: is UDP used anywhere in the update process?
> The rsync itself uses tcp


Anyway, this is getting OT now, so thanks to all for your assistance;
MacPorts is OK after all, and the problem is definitely local.

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