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    OK. next problem.
    he has an older imac and a newer macbook pro (soon), with different versions of osx/macos, so the python system environment will be different. to be able to work on both macs i think virtualenv may be right way to go.
    for me, developing on osx and production on linux is about the same thing.
    do you agree or not?

So, I guess there can be differences of philosophy. But, if python projects will be written so that they include, your son would list the dependencies in

The way that this gets used is someone runs which installs the dependencies, from a pypi repository. Unless macports somehow integrates with pip, this means the person’s packages are not being installed by macports. But, that is not really relevant if it is expected that people will be using pip or an equivalent for installing dependencies.

Also, these days other people are likely to be using something other than macports as their OS package management software, e.g. brew.

So, essentially, yes use pip. While you are at it, it’s probably a good idea to use virtualenv so that it’s less likely you will end up introducing a depenendcy that requires someone else to have the same OS environment.


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