Click-and-hold instead of right-click?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Mar 16 08:34:34 UTC 2017

On Wednesday March 15 2017 20:22:00 Brandon Allbery wrote:

>You don't use iTunes, do you? Apple gave up on consistency years ago.

As little as possible. I use older/cheaper systems as audio sources, preferably under MSWin O:-)

On Wednesday March 15 2017 17:39:47 Al Varnell wrote:
>Personally, I suspect there are better places to be having this discussion, but since we persist....

MacPorts is partly about making better/richer Mac experiences, no? Presuming it is possible to write some sort of global native event filter that does what my Qt event filter currently does for all my Qt apps, that would make a nice candidate for a port, no?

>Clicking a Dock icon or a menu bar icon consistently produce a "menu" which is not the same as a "contextual menu" in Human Interface Guidelines.

Since we're splitting hairs: a menu opens from a single click of the standard mouse button. Menus attached to menubars all do that, whether they be part of an actual menubar tree or provided by a MenuExtra. Dock menus don't behave that way: they open with a right-click, Ctrl-click or indeed a click-and-hold. They act as context menus in every aspect, even in the role they play. MenuExtras menus take the place of systray menus under MSWin and the FreeDesktop protocols, and they're considered context menus for the systray icons there (at least that's how Qt labels them and they tend to use common denominator terminology in their APIs)
It's all a matter of interpretation anyway, just about every drop-down menu has a contextual aspect - and this indeed isn't the most appropriate place for discussing that kind of topic.


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