building from source with libc++

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Mar 24 18:23:22 UTC 2017

> On Mar 24, 2017, at 10:12, db <iamsudo at> wrote:
> On 24 Mar 2017, at 16:00, Rainer Müller <raimue at> wrote:
>> A similar ticket had been filed before:
> I don't see how that explains that 1.6.4_0 in one system is the binary from MP, but this same version fails to compile in another identical system. OS X 10.8.5, Xcode 5.1.1.
> And neither does it help me to decide if it'd be better not to switch to compile from source and break other ports down the line.

I agree that ticket describes the error you encountered. It was closed because nobody could explain it and the problem went away for the reporter. You could re-open it and add your new information to it.

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