Trouble upgrading Macports to Sierra

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This reminds me of something I’ve been wondering about.  Why do the migration instructions recommend explicitly reinstalling all previously installed ports, and then optionally marking the previously requested ports as “requested”?   Isn’t it simpler to explicitly reinstall only the previously requested ports, and let macports figure out the dependencies?  That way, if the dependencies have changed you only are reinstalling the necessary ports and there’s no need to fiddle with the requested status afterwards.

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Thanks for the speedy reply, Chris. It’s a pity I couldn’t use ‘selfupdate’ because it appeared to be just what I wanted. Still, I used the pkg installer for Sierra and it was reasonably painless. Now I’m on to reinstalling all my packages. Thanks again. No reply needed.

The problem with selfupdate is it (a) won't add any new dependencies because e.g. some library formerly provided by Apple went away or became incompatible (b) likely won't even start up if that's the case, but crash immediately with a missing library error. You need to start fresh with a base that knows about the peculiarities of the new OS release, which means updating via the installer.

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