livecheck - extracted version is older

Jan Stary hans at
Thu Mar 30 22:35:56 UTC 2017

On Mar 30 18:12:07, allbery.b at wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 6:09 PM, Jan Stary <hans at> wrote:
> > This is 2.4.99 on 10.6.8
> >
> > $ sudo port clean --all opencore-amr
> > --->  Cleaning opencore-amr
> > $ port livecheck opencore-amr
> > Error: livecheck failed for opencore-amr: extracted version '0.1.2' is
> > older than livecheck.version '0.1.3'
> >
> "Extracted version" should be the version that livecheck extracted from the
> web page it checks for the latest version information. So the message is
> saying that it's being told the latest version is older than the current
> version. This may mean the page changed format and the livecheck regex
> needs to be updated, or it's checking the wrong page and needs to be
> updated to look at a page that has the actual current version.

Thanks. I need to get into port -d :-)

The new opencore is not mentioned in the /rss feed
(and the new libsndfile is not mentioned in the Changelog).
There are even newer versions I need to come up with.

However, "extracted version" sounds a bit confusing here,
given that "extract" is one of the port phases
- nothing's being "extracted" here, in that sense.

Could we make it "detected version" or something
not coliding with "extract"?


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