speex vs speex-devel

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Fri Mar 31 21:21:51 UTC 2017

On Mar 31 14:05:03, hans at stare.cz wrote:
> The speex port has no maintainer so I am asking here.
> Why do we have both 'speex' and 'speex-devel'?
> They consist of exactly the same files.
> Similarly for speexDSP and speexDSP-devel.
> Xiph.org itself has deprecated Speex in 2013.

On Mar 31 10:00:23, michaelld at macports.org wrote:
> Guessing it's legacy cruft. Seems like for deprecated projects, there
> should be just a "final release" port with patches added here and there
> for compatibility

Can we clean this up? I suggest to

1. delete speex-devel as it is the same as speex
2. delete speexDSP-devel as it is the same as speexDSP
3. keep speex for those still using it
4. keep speexDSP, whch is not the obsolete codec,
   but (AFAIU) an implementation of jitter corrrection etc.


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