Questions on the update to Apache 2.4

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Mon Nov 13 16:28:37 UTC 2017


> On Nov 13, 2017, at 10:14 AM, Davide Liessi <davide.liessi at> wrote:
> 2017-11-13 14:42 GMT+01:00 Marius Schamschula <lists at>:
>>> 4) What is the purpose of having the original configuration files both
>>> in ${prefix}/etc/apache2 with .orig suffix and in
>>> ${prefix}/etc/apache2/original?
>> The original folder only has httpd.conf, but not extra/httpd*.conf.
> In my machine, instead, the original/extra folder contains
> httpd-autoindex.conf
> httpd-dav.conf
> httpd-default.conf
> httpd-info.conf
> httpd-languages.conf
> httpd-manual.conf
> httpd-mpm.conf
> httpd-multilang-errordoc.conf
> httpd-ssl.conf
> httpd-userdir.conf
> httpd-vhosts.conf
> proxy-html.conf
>> I suppose the original folder is a duplicate of the .orig file, and can be removed.
> The corresponding *.orig files and the original/* files have identical content.
> They are all provided by apache2.
> Do you mean that they should be removed in the Portfile?

These files are redundant. They were added in response to apache2 overriding existing .conf files. I’m inclined to get rid of the "orignal” folder, as the .orig files in the correct locations are more intuitive to most users.

Marius Schamschula

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