openmpi is not using gcc7

Chao-Chin Yang chaochinyang at
Wed Nov 22 19:51:59 UTC 2017


I installed openmpi with gcc7 by:

$ sudo port install openmpi +threads
$ port installed | grep openmpi
openmpi @1.10.3_0 (active)
openmpi-default @1.10.3_0+gcc7+threads (active)
$ port select mpi
Available versions for mpi:
	openmpi-mp-fortran (active)

However, gcc is not invoked by the mpi wrapper:

$ which mpicc
$ mpicc --show
/usr/bin/clang -I/opt/local/include/openmpi-mp -L/opt/local/lib/openmpi-mp -lmpi

It is using Apple’s native, not gcc at all.  And the mpi wrapper is a series of links to opal_wrapper, which is a binary.

Has anyone had this problem also?  Is it a bug in the port file?  How can I fix this without installing openmpi-gcc7 and force the mpi selection?


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