telnet and ftp missing in High Sierra - ideas/suggestions?

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at
Tue Nov 28 19:32:01 UTC 2017

I can see ditching the telnet server, but the client remains useful for debugging various protocols, and in rare cases of accessing ancient systems (or emulations of them) which don't support ssh.

Likewise, there remain times a command-line ftp client is useful.

I see some of what look like command-line ftp client(s) in MacPorts.  Is there a particular one people would recommend as the least surprising replacement for the removed ftp client?  In particular, similar interface and features (IPv6 a must).  I installed both cmdftp and pftp, and neither really has a very similar interface.

But I don't see a command-line telnet client at all (not counting whatever might be part of putty).  IMO, that absence will be noticed. :-)

What I'd kind of like is replacements built on source code of the closest lineage to what Apple used, but still being maintained.  I see the telnet client still in their remote_cmds tar bundle, but I have no idea how to build bits of Darwin without trying to build the whole dang thing (as I recall, libtelnet/encrypt.h or something like that wasn't found, for example), which is way beyond the scope of what I'd care to attempt.

(yes, I know they dropped the r-commands even earlier; that's understandable, but telnet and ftp remain useful)

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