Macports installation problem

John miaojpm at
Wed Oct 18 09:25:44 UTC 2017


   I tried to install Cairo graphics

   and I need to install Macports.

   I tried to install Macports on my Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, and type "sudo
port install cairo", but it did not respond. I haven't seen any file name
or app called Macports, but one file called "port" which is located at


   How should I do it?



Last login: Sun Oct 15 02:52:49 on console
Johns-MacBook-Pro:~ john$ /opt/local/bin/port ; exit;
MacPorts 2.4.2
Entering shell mode... ("help" for help, "quit" to quit)
[Users/john] > sudo port install cairo
Error: Unrecognized action "port sudo"
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