how to select gcc7

pagani laurent laurent.pagani at
Thu Oct 26 02:06:20 UTC 2017


I have gcc5, gcc6 and gcc7 installed, in particular :

  gcc7 @7.2.0_0 (active)


>gcc --version
gcc (MacPorts gcc5 5.5.0_0) 5.5.0

I try to select gcc7 but fail (did not find any help on the webpage about port select. Is there any ?)

>sudo port select gcc7 gcc
Selecting 'gcc' for 'gcc7' failed: The specified group 'gcc7' does not exist.

I tried the other way round, no better :

>sudo port select gcc gcc7
Selecting 'gcc7' for 'gcc' failed: The specified version 'gcc7' is not valid.

How should I do that ?


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