rsync strange behaviour

pagani laurent laurent.pagani at
Thu Oct 26 09:04:27 UTC 2017

> My first guess would be that some items on your internal drive are hardlinked, and that when you rsync, those items are being created on the external drive as separate files with each copy taking up space. And I can confirm by inspection that there are many hardlinked items inside the Xcode 9 app, for example. There's a flag you can supply to rsync ("--hard-links") to tell it to detect and recreate hard links on the destination drive, which should eliminate this reason for the size difference.

that sounds like a good excuse. I will try that. Thanks!

> I also thought of different block sizes, but ever since HFS+ in Mac OS 8.1 block sizes are probably the same on all drives so that's unlikely to be relevant.

I agree. 

"S'il n'y a pas de solution, c'est qu'il n'y a pas de problème" (devise Shadok)

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