files manually installed in $prefix

Clemens Lang cal at
Sun Oct 29 22:54:32 UTC 2017

On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 08:50:18PM +0000, db wrote:
> How can I get files manually installed in $prefix? I'm asking out of
> curiosity. I suppose I could get them by ownership if it wasn't
> modified or, less practically, by uninstalling installed and checking
> for remnants. Comparing recursive ls and port contents installed would
> be tricky. Any other ways?

You could run 'port provides' for each file in $prefix. Note that this
will yield quite a number of false positives, because 'port provides'
does not return anything for files that are part of the MacPorts base
system, and a number of ports create files that are not registered to a
port, e.g. 'port select' symlinks or cache and index files
($prefix/etc/sgml/catalog, mktexlsr, gtk-icon-cache, etc...).


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