crash with python3.6.2 and readline

David Epstein masbab at
Wed Sep 6 07:41:01 UTC 2017

I don't suppose that the output from a port install command is saved 
automatically somewhere? It seems like it would often be useful to have 
this output saved.

Last night I posted (with the same subject line as this email) a problem 
about python3.6 and readline.
This morning I seem to have fixed the problem by deactivating 
py36-readline (but I have only done cursory tests).
I have just activated py36-readme, and python3.6 again crashes 
immediately. Subsequent deactivation restores sanity.
Conclusion: Although I cannot be sure that my current version python36 
@3.6.2_0+readline (active) solves all my readline problems, I can be 
sure that it was BAD to install py36-readline on top of this.

I would like to check that the installation of python36+readline really 
did advise me to install py36-readline, or did I just misread or imagine 
the advice?

Can I check what port install told me, without having explicitly asked 
the unix shell to save the output?

David Epstein
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