In a mess with libc++ libstdc++ and OSX 10.7.5 Lion

Ian Wadham at
Thu Sep 14 11:25:21 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

Thank you so very much for all the helpful advice and suggestions.  I live in
Australia, so it is TV veg-out time and nearly bedtime.  I will work through
all your replies in detail in the morning.

On 14/09/2017, at 7:57 PM, db wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2017, at 06:30, Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
>> The most serious (for me) is KMyMoney, which holds all my finances and investments, and it is time for me to do annual accounting and tax.
> In case you have Time Machine or a clone, just restore /opt/local/ and /Applications/MacPorts/.

Heh, heh!  Someone else suggested that and it was also one of the first things I
thought of.  But guess what.  I have TimeMachine, but my settings exclude
backing up /opt/local and several other build/object-code areas, on the basis that
they are large and the wherewithal to re-create them is easily available elsewhere.
in source-code directories, MacPorts servers, etc.

Well, it is the first time in six years I have been caught out… :-(  Mind you, I should
have upgraded my OSX long ago and none of this would have happened… :-(

Ian W.

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