In a mess with libc++ libstdc++ and OSX 10.7.5 Lion

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Thu Sep 14 11:57:00 UTC 2017

No problem. When I moved to Sierra with my old MBP, it still read and engraved CDs/DVDs and you can buy an external CD player on USB connexion, which implies that Sierra can still deal with it!


> Le 14 sept. 2017 à 13:40, Ian Wadham < at> a écrit :
> Hi Chris,
> On 14/09/2017, at 6:10 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
>>> I understand what these messages mean and I have read the Macports Wiki pages
>>> referred to, but I am uncertain what to do next.
>>> 1. Do I need to do any cleanup of the failed run before doing anything else?  If so,
>>>     what command(s) should I use?
>>> 2. I had a local ports tree that I no longer use.  I have commented out the reference
>>>    to it in sources.conf but do I need to re-run portindex?  Or would that have been
>>>    taken care of when I ran "sudo port selfupdate"?  I have not found any way to
>>>    re-index and include just the standard ports.
>>> 3. Can I revert to earlier versions of apps and libraries (which could at least be used
>>>    to keep my accountant happy)?  If so, what commands should I use?  There are
>>>    scores, maybe hundreds, of ports to be reactivated and there are probably lots
>>>    that are old but still active, because the upgrade run never got to them.
>>> 4. If I stay with Lion, I understand that I have to uninstall everything, make some
>>>    adjustments to macports.conf and then re-build from source and continue to
>>>    do so into the future.
>>>    OTOH I could go down to the Apple shop and get them to upgrade me to Sierra
>>>    and then I could re-install MacPorts apps from binaries but I would also have to
>>>    upgrade other non-Apple software I depend on a lot every day, mainly Firefox
>>>    and LibreOffice.
>>>    Either approach could take days (elapsed) and many hours of computer time.
>>>    Which way would be best for me to go?
>> Go with 4. Update to Sierra, it will save you most trouble in the long run. No need at all to go to a store to get it done though, just do it yourself.... Download the updater from the App Store and follow the instructions. Firefox and LibreOffice might also need updating, if you haven't kept them up to date, but both will work fine in the newer OS.
>> cheers Chris
> If I go to Sierra, will I lose the Apple apps in Lion that play (and burn)
> DVDs?  I notice that new MacBook Pros with Sierra usually do not have
> a CD/DVD drive…  Of course Sierra will still have iTunes, but will it
> still play CDs?  I only ever use iTunes for that.
> Cheers, Ian W.

"S'il n'y a pas de solution, c'est qu'il n'y a pas de problème" (devise Shadok)

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