gegl fails to build

Michael Parson mparson at
Fri Sep 15 15:50:39 UTC 2017

Yesterday, I finally updated my iMac to Sierra and started the process 
for updating MacPorts 2.4.1 for the new OS.

While attempting to (re)install the gimp2 +quartz port, it fails out on 
building gegl.

Tail end of the log:

:info:build mv -f .deps/gegl-dot-visitor.Tpo .deps/gegl-dot-visitor.Plo
:info:build glib-mkenums \
:info:build             --fhead "/* This is a generated file, do not 
edit directly */\n\n#include \"config.h\"\n#include 
<glib-object.h>\n#include \"gegl-enums.h\"" \
:info:build             --fprod "\n/* enumerations from \"@filename@\" 
*/" \
:info:build             --vhead "GType\n at enum_name@_get_type (void)\n{\n 
  static GType etype = 0;\n  if (etype == 0) {\n    static const 
G at Type@Value values[] = {" \
:info:build             --vprod "      { @VALUENAME@, \"@valuenick@\", 
\"@valuenick@\" }," \
:info:build             --vtail "      { 0, NULL, NULL }\n    };\n    
etype = g_ at type@_register_static (\"@EnumName@\", values);\n  }\n  
return etype;\n}\n\n" \
:info:build             ./gegl-enums.h > xgen-tec \
:info:build     && cp xgen-tec gegl-enums.c \
:info:build     && rm -f xgen-tec
:info:build Traceback (most recent call last):
:info:build   File "/opt/local/bin/glib-mkenums", line 688, in <module>
:info:build     process_file(fname)
:info:build   File "/opt/local/bin/glib-mkenums", line 484, in 
:info:build     parse_entries(curfile, curfilename)
:info:build   File "/opt/local/bin/glib-mkenums", line 205, in 
:info:build     entries.append((name, value, options['nick']))
:info:build KeyError: u'nick'
:info:build make[3]: *** [gegl-enums.c] Error 1
:info:build make[3]: Leaving directory 
:info:build make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
:info:build make[2]: Leaving directory 
:info:build make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
:info:build make[1]: Leaving directory 
:info:build make: *** [all] Error 2
:info:build make: Leaving directory 
:info:build Command failed:  cd 
&& /usr/bin/make -w all CC="/usr/bin/clang -arch x86_64"
:info:build Exit code: 2
:error:build Failed to build gegl: command execution failed
:debug:build Error code: CHILDSTATUS 64472 2
:debug:build Backtrace: command execution failed
:debug:build     while executing
:debug:build "system {*}$notty {*}$nice $fullcmdstring"
:debug:build     invoked from within
:debug:build "command_exec build"
:debug:build     (procedure "portbuild::build_main" line 8)
:debug:build     invoked from within
:debug:build "$procedure $targetname"
:debug:build could not read "/opt/local/share/w3m/w3mhelp.html": no such 
file or directory
:debug:build     while executing
:debug:build "::file type $file"
:error:build See 
for details.

Full log file attached.

Michael Parson
Pflugerville, TX
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