Online MacPorts Meeting on 21st April at 13:00 UTC - suggestion

Rainer Müller raimue at
Thu Apr 19 09:24:01 UTC 2018

On 2018-04-18 01:11, Rainer Müller wrote:
> On 2018-04-13 13:34, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>> If we find three volunteers (I volunteer, so only two more needed), we
>> could perhaps do a technology test run tomorrow at 13:00 UTC (that's
>> precisely 7 days earlier)
>> ... (or at any other potentially more suitable hour depending on who
>> wants to participate).
>> We could then test:
>> - Hangouts
>> - Discord
>> - (potentially Skype, but it needs personal invitations etc.)
>> - any other video conferencing tool, in case there are better suggestions
>> and see which one fits best, but only if we get some proposal early enough.
>> We could have IRC as a backup for coordination in case of technical
>> problems etc.
> As nobody replied, I assume the test run did not happen...
> Unfortunately, I could not make it either.

We should figure out the technical side, so we can focus on the
discussion on Saturday.

Let's give it another try today at 17:00 UTC, meet on #macports IRC.
Who else would be willing to join the test run?

I know this time of day is not ideal for anyone not in Europe, but the
time is scarce until the meeting on Saturday.


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