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>> I am guessing by the urgency of your request you do not have a backup.
> I'm gonna go all Darwinistic here (pun not intended) but after being in 
> the computer game since 1970 or so, anyone who does not take (and test[*]) 
> backups deserves all that they get.
> [*]
> I got caught badly when assiduously taking daily backups (not on a Mac), a 
> disk crash was a poor time to discover that some were corrupted in such a 
> way that although the files themselves were visible, their parent 
> directories weren't; I still have no idea how that happened, but I stopped 
> using that PoS years ago.

Time Machine is actually quite easy to use, so there is no excuse to not use it.
<a smile>
Back in the days of Jethro Tull I did teach sys admin for HP. I taught do backups and TEST them.
A major customer had a disk crash, but no wurries he had a cupboard full of backup tapes. Turns out they were all blank! We investigated and found they put the completed tapes on the ups transformer while the job completed.
The customer asked me what to do, my answer annoyed management:
Clench your dagga between your teeth, climb to the top of the tower, and … jump off.

The meandering answer is to say: If your data is very valuable, do NOT turn your machine on, pay the (and you’ll find them easily enough) recovery experts to do the job. You have no hope of doing it yourself.
If it is precious, then as merit badges for cubs and scouts, you just earned a unix-guru badge ‘bad experience with rm’.
You can get Tb eg Western Digital Passport 5T for under US$200, do get and do use time machine.
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