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> On Tue, 21 Aug 2018, James wrote:
>> Time Machine is actually quite easy to use, so there is no excuse to not use it. <a smile>
> It's saved my bacon a few times; I went overboard and bought a Time Capsule, and connected its USB port into a passive hub for two printers (I don't use the AP on it, but might one day).
>> Back in the days of Jethro Tull I did teach sys admin for HP. I taught do backups and TEST them.
> <OT>
> Ah, Jethro Tull...  "Thick as a Brick" was their finest.  I saw them in concert some years back, and yes, Ian can still play the flute one-legged, despite his age...
> </OT>
>> A major customer had a disk crash, but no wurries he had a cupboard full of backup tapes. Turns out they were all blank! We investigated and found they put the completed tapes on the ups transformer while the job completed.
> Nothing quite like degaussing your backups as a CLM...

Similar story 2nd-hand from someone that once worked in Social Security Administration.  Reel-to-reel tapes, on racks.  The bottom tapes were often bad; why? The industrial grade buffers used on the floor, with their massive electric motors.

Elsewhere, I'd seen disk crashes on removable packs, due to the dust from buffers.  Better scuff marks on the floor, than all those problems!  And carpeted raised floors are even worse, in terms of dust AND static. But the clueless Big Boss probably thought that a floor should look spit-shined, of course.

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