MacVim wierdness.

Bill Hill mail at
Mon Dec 3 14:35:43 UTC 2018

Hi, I've installed MacVim, which worked fine, but since it doesn't have python enabled some of the extras I use (YouCompleteMe, ConqueGDB) don't work.
So I installed: sudo port install MacVim +cscope+huge+python37+ruby25
I've got links in /usr/local/bin such as: "lrwxr-xr-x 1 bill staff 51 May 3 14:18 /usr/local/bin/gvim -> /Applications/MacPorts/"
I've been using MacVim like that for ages and everything seems fine. Then I tried to click the app icon, /Applications/MacPorts/
This pops up an error message: "You have macOS 10.13.6. The application requires macOS 10.14 or later."
Yep, still works fine from the command line! And I've tried the default variant, too and that *will* launch from the app icon.

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