distfile downloads failing on https

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Thu Feb 22 18:07:16 UTC 2018

On Feb 22 19:04:41, hans at stare.cz wrote:
> > depends_fetch exists, but apparently is not documented in the guide.
> Thanks for the insight. Currently, nothing is using it,
> except: these explicitly clear it (why?)

Is there a default nonempty value for depends_fetch
that makes these ports want to explicitly clear it?

>   ./editors/HexFiend/Portfile:    depends_fetch
>   ./editors/textmate2/Portfile:    depends_fetch
>   ./python/py-pyobjc-cocoa/Portfile:        depends_fetch
>   ./python/py-pyobjc-fsevents/Portfile:        depends_fetch

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