Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Feb 22 20:58:09 UTC 2018

On Feb 22 18:54:18, Jan Stary wrote:
> One of the libraries in MP providing SSL functionality is WolfSSL.
> Only two other ports mention it:
> sysutils/gearmand explicitly disables it
> net/curl has a +wolfssl variant (beside +ssl, +darwinssl, etc).
> Is anyone using it? Would there be any objections to removing it?
> While here, curl also knows (and disables) cyassl and polarssl
> for which we don't have a port.

cyassl was added in 2012 after its developer submitted a portfile to us:


The cyassl port was renamed to wolfssl in 2016:


woflssl support was added to the curl port at a user's request:


A port for polarssl was requested in 2016:


A user specifically requested polarssl support for curl:


The polarssl project has since changed its name to mbedtls.

On Feb 22, 2018, at 12:20, Jan Stary wrote:

> Very similar story for devel/fbopenssl:
> ./net/curl/Portfile:        depends_lib-append      port:fbopenssl
> ./net/kerberos5/Portfile:conflicts                   fbopenssl
> That's it.

fbopenssl has been with us for a long time already; it was added in 2005:


No ticket number or other explanation was given in the commit message, but the port's description says it is a library of extensions to openssl to support spnego. It is not a replacement for openssl; in fact, it depends on openssl.

It looks like it was specifically added to MacPorts in order to allow curl to use it, since the curl spnego variant was added in the next commit:


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