distfile downloads failing on https

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Fri Feb 23 09:49:57 UTC 2018

On Feb 22 18:04:23, ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com wrote:
> >> You are done. No more circular dependency.
> > Yes. One installation of MP depends on another installation.
> > 
> That's not circular. Circular is when an installation of MacPorts depends on itself,
> and is therefore fragile. The installation of libcurl in /opt/bootstrap is fully independent of the one in /opt/local, and is not fragile.

I should have been clearer, sorry:
Yes means "Yes, you are right, it's no longer circular" :-)

> I say this so as not to dissuade all those out there with
> broken MacPorts installations from using this method. 

In the meantime, I installed me a standalone (lib)curl in $HOME
and build the real MP against that - having a separate bootstrap MP installation
just to have curl seemed like overkill.

> I believe it is presently the only reliable method of getting
> a generally working MacPorts installation that can download all distfiles
> on older systems until either distfile mirroring is fixed,
> or until we bundle in libcurl.

I root for the dist mirorrs


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