distfile downloads failing on https

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Wed Feb 28 07:12:29 UTC 2018

> >>>> If I am reading https://guide.macports.org/chunked/reference.phases.html
> >>>> right, there is are no "fetch dependencies". Would it make sense
> >>>> to introduce fetch dependencies just like we have build dependencies
> >>>> and run dependencies, so that the affected ports could specify e.g. curl,
> >>>> and MP vuld use _that_ for those ports?
> >>> 
> >>> depends_fetch exists, but apparently is not documented in the guide.
> >> 
> >> Thanks for the insight. Currently, nothing is using it,
> >> except: these explicitly clear it (why?)
> >> 
> >>  ./editors/HexFiend/Portfile:    depends_fetch
> >>  ./editors/textmate2/Portfile:    depends_fetch
> >>  ./python/py-pyobjc-cocoa/Portfile:        depends_fetch
> >>  ./python/py-pyobjc-fsevents/Portfile:        depends_fetch
> I will answer this below.
> >> and this one declares 'git' as its fetch dependency:
> >> 
> >>  ./multimedia/mplayer-devel/Portfile:depends_fetch-append bin:git:git
> >> 
> >> (why don't other git-downloading ports declare it too?)
> >> 
> >> If it is this much unused, wuld it be better to remove it,
> >> as opposed to document it and keep it for this one port?
> > 
> > Seriously, this is a dep_* feature used by one port.
> > Would it be better to simplify base by removing it?
> depends_fetch is used by MacPorts base for ports that use a nonstandard fetch.type. For example, if a port uses "fetch.type git", this causes MacPorts base to automatically add something like "depends_fetch-append bin:git:git". So of course this feature should not be removed from MacPorts base.

Understood, thanks.

Back to the original problem: using depends_fetch is not a solution
to downloads of tar.gz failing on some https sites, right? Because
whatever the port adds to depends_fetch, the https fetching will
still be done with the (lib)curl macports was built with, right?


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