10.13.2 supplemental update & root account

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at mathiesen.info
Mon Jan 15 09:21:05 UTC 2018

Jan Stary wrote:
> I don't get it. 10.13.2 does _not_ have a root account by default? Why?
> And if it does, how is that a problem? It's UNIX, of course there is
> a 'root' account.

macOS out-of-the-box has a de-activated root account; eg you can't log
in as root or ssh into the box as root. The root account exists but in a
dormant state and is accessed though sudo from admin accounts.

One of the things I do on my boxes is activating the root account; and
in some cases removing the other admin accounts, so I've only got root
and users. Now, if the root account is de-activated you have no way of
administering the box - even with sudo at normal user accounts can't use

Also if you have scrips that eg ssh into the box from the outside, this
will completely thow off your setup.

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