10.13.2 supplemental update & root account

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at mathiesen.info
Mon Jan 15 12:39:34 UTC 2018

Jan Stary wrote:
> On Jan 15 10:21:05, macintosh at mathiesen.info wrote:
>> One of the things I do on my boxes is activating the root account;
> Meaning that you can now do what?
> Login as root on a console?
> Login as root via ssh?
>> and in some cases removing the other admin accounts,
> Why?

When root is activated, there's no need for a normal admin account

>> so I've only got root and users.
> Meaning: users that can't su to root?


>> Now, if the root account is de-activated
> Is _that_ the problem you are talking about?
> i.e. Apple 'disables' the root account with the udate?


>> you have no way of  administering the box
>> - even with sudo at normal user accounts can't use sudo.
> Well, keep yourself being admin then.

why ?
Apple shouldn't disable the root account through a supplementary update
when I've chosen to activate it. They have _never_ done this before !

>> Also if you have scrips that eg ssh into the box from the outside,
>> this will completely thow off your setup.
> You have scripts that remotely log in as root?

presently no
but I ssh into my boxes as root in order to admin them
there's stuff I can only access as root - eg the postfix and dovecot logs

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