How to uninstall Gimp? Or how to install it correctly?

Christoph Kukulies kuku at
Wed Jul 4 07:16:23 UTC 2018

Initially I just wanted to download Gimp to my macOS (High Sierra 10.13.5) but got informed that there is no installer tool for macOS. On the page <> is a hint that one could use macports to install gimp, which I followed.

A huge amount of dependencies got installed and it took several hours to install. Nearly every compile was accomanied by a warning saying that some compiler could not be found and another was take (IIRC). Was referring to some Xcode dependency not being there.

After the install was finished, I first didn’t find any launchable Gimp Icon and I don’t know whether it was depending on some actions I did afterwards or if it was just the reboot, but suddenly there was a Gimp Icon in the launcher directory.

But looking at the Applications with some tool (App Cleaner) I saw that this Gimp was only occupying 45KB.

I then installed Xcode. Also did a sudo port uninstall gimp and the sudo port install gimp, to no avail.

So either I would like to totally uninstall any traces of the macport install attempt of Gimp and wait until a binary installer would be available or
do another try with Xcode installed now.

There is /Applications/MacPorts/ with a lot of stuff under it.

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