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Fri Jul 20 04:41:02 UTC 2018


  I have an application code that uses several dependencies that I typically install using macports. I am interested in creating an installer that can include these dependencies in addition to my compiled code. The objective is to be able to give it to other users so that they can use it on their computer without having to install macports. 
  I have seen the instructions on macports: <> <> 

  There are a few points that are still unclear to me. 

— I have compiled macports from source with —prefix=/my/home/director/macports , and I am installing relevant ports there. If I create a package using macports, does it also need to exist in the same location on some other users’s computer? Or can it be moved around to any folder in the user’s directory. 

— I am suspecting that there is a way to set library paths/rpaths/etc. relative to the package directory. (For example, Is this automatically done by the macports package builder?

— can the precompiled binaries only be used for macports in /opt/local?  My current installation process (to the non-standard directory) is compiling from scratch. (NOTE: this is on Mac OS 10.13.6). 

  I would greatly appreciate some guidance on these. 


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